Is acupuncture painful?

Some people have a negative impression that acupuncture treatment is very painful. Often they equate acupuncture treatment with being stuck with a straight pin or getting a shot with a hypodermic needle. Acunpuncture treatment is generally painless though. The needles are a very fine, thin guage and generally go into the skin less than 1/4 inch. Additionally four to five acupuncture needles can fit into the core of a hypodermic needle. Acupuncture needles can be inserted into the side of a foam coffee cup and removed without the cup leaking water. Because of the extreme slenderness of the needle most people compare the sensation to less than a mosquito bite. In some areas nothing at all is felt. Often the sensation of acupuncture is described as “tehchi” which is a tingling or heavyness. Some people experience a mild euphoria after treatment and notice they sleep very well following a treatment.
Some types of acupuncture treatment make use of an electric current applied to the acupuncture needle. The current is generally pleasant and relaxing and may increase response to treatment is some cases. Electronic acupuncture also seems to be effective in cases of trigger point pain and fibromyalgia. Electronic stimulation of acupoints in the ear is also very effective for a wide variety of conditions. The ear contains hundreds of acupoints for most every condition. Acupressure is the act of rubbing an acupoint. Acupressure is an effective form of self treatment between treatments and can boost results.
All acupuncture needles used are one use needles and are disposed of after treatment. Needles are also packaged in sealed containers before use.

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