Sacro-iliac joints and back pain. Chiropractic care

The sacro-iliac joints are the main joints that transfer the weight of the spine and upper body into the hips. They are the joints between the sacrum (tail bone) and hips (ilium). They are commonly called the SI joints. There are two SI joints and they are located just below the belt line and are about 4 inches long. It has been estimated that up to half of cases of back pain involve the SI joints. The SI joints do not directly effect the discs but may cause sciatica. Problems with the SI joints may cause pain into the back of the leg, back and buttocks. The pain is often of a dull nature and may be sharp on certain motions. Typically the pain from an SI joint problem begins suddenly after rising from a seated position or bending at the waist. The pain is sometime sharp and stabbing. Chiropractic adjustments to the SI joints are often very effective in relieving pain in the SI joints. Typically a plan of care for a back problem involving the SI joints would include 4-6 visits over a two week period. Ice applied over the SI joints is often effective in helping with the pain. SI joint problems are often difficult to differentiate from a disc problem since both conditions may cause a sciatic type pain. Even with an MRI it is often diffucult to track down the true cause of a back problem. SI joint problems are very common though and respond very well to Chiropractic techniques. Often the drop table adjustments are very effective in SI joint problems. The drop table is a gentle adjustment technique that is able to move the bones of the hips to reduce fixation of the SI joints.

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