Hip Pain and the piriformis muscle

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle that attaches to the sacrum or tail bone and to the femur (the large bone in the upper leg). The piriformis is about at the level of the back pocket while wearing jeans. The piriformis acts to rotate the femur or thigh. The problem may arise if the piriformis becomes over tight by overuse or overstress. The piriformis may impinge the sciatic nerve causing pain down the back of the leg or sciatica. Sciatica has a variety of causes including disc problems.
Typically a problem with the piriformis starts gradually and the pain is dull. The problem may take weeks or months to develop.
Chiropractic adjustments to the SI joints and lower back often are helpful. The most benficial treatment in my opinion is myofascial release of the piriformis and stretching of the piriformis. Often the pain may subside within a week or so depending on how long it has been present and the severity of the problem.

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