Shoulder pain and Chiropractic

Shoulder problems are one of the most common types of pain in today’s population. The shoulder is a very uniquely designed joint that allows for a great amount of mobility. The problem is that some positions expose the shoulder to instability. Most shoulder pain that is not traumatic is a result of overstress of the supporting muscles, ligaments and the shoulder capsule. Both occupational and sports may cause overstress of the shoulder. Overhead work seems to be one of the most irritating motions to the shoulder.
Pain in the shoulder may also be referred pain from other places. Pain from the gallbladder is known to refer to the shoulder at times. Pain in the neck may also refer to the shoulder. Most pain in the shoulder that is not caused by a trauma relates to one of the following causes: 1. Instability of the shoulder 2. impingement of the rotator cuff 3. tendinitis/bursitis 4. osteoarthritis or athritis 5. adhesive capsulitis 6. A-C joint separations or a separated shoulder.
The nerves that go to the arm (called the brachial plexus) can also be involved in shoulder pain. Often the nerves may be pinched at the neck which is often called thoracic outlet syndrome or by an injury which is often called a stinger.
For most conditions that do not involve a traumatic injury, fracture or tendon rupture conservative care is the way to go. The current approach is to use conservative treatment for 6 months before trying more invasive procedures. Chiropractic treatment for the shoulder involves mobilization of the shoulder joint itself as well as the a-c joint. Myofascial release techniques applied to the rotator cuff and biceps tendon are also effective in cases of bursitis, tendonitis, and shoulder impingement. The biceps tendon is often the cause of pain in the front of the shoulder. Often biceps tendon pain begins gradually. Typically biceps tendon pain is associated with throwing type motions but may also result from less strenous activities such as vacuuming or office work. Biceps tendon pain is often very successfully treated with myofascial release techniques and Chiropractic.

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