Preventing back injury and Chiropractic

Back pain often presents without any known cause. Most people who start to experience an episode of back pain have no known event which causes their pain. Something as simple as picking something off the floor or getting out of bed can be the start of back pain.
Getting the right kind of exercise can be a big benefit in preventing back pain. Gym balls are a very good home exercise tool. In about 5-10 minutes several times a week a person can do a workout on the gym ball that can significantly strengthen core muscles that support the back. Walking, jogging and any low impact aerobic exercise can also be very beneficial. The pelvic tilt or cat back exercise is one very beneficial exercise that can be done anywhere. The cat back is both a stretch and an exercise.
It is generally recommended that lower back pain sufferes sleep on a firm mattress. The firm mattress supports the natural curves of the spine better that a soft mattress. It is generally recommended that back pain sufferers not sleep on their stomachs. The reason is that stomach sleeping tends to over extend the curves of the lower back. Some people may sleep comfortably on their stomachs if they have a supportive mattress and or less of a curve in the lower back.
A good general recommendation for a Chiropractic plan of care to prevent back pain would be to have an adjustment every 3-8 weeks.
TENS units are electrical stimulation units that are sometimes helpful in the treatment of acute episodes of lower back pain.

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