Neck Pain and the Disc-Chiropractic Topics

Neck Pain and the Disc-Chiropractic Topics. This is part three of the neck pain series. Often disc herniations are a major concern of people with neck pain. Most commonly disc problems in the neck cause both neck and arm pain. The onset of problems may follow an injury to the neck such as a sports injury or whiplash. However, some people have no known cause to their neck problems. Some people may have a history of repeated episodes of neck pain and minor injuries that cause episodes of neck pain. Weakness in the hand is also sometimes seen in disc problems of the neck. The pain seen is disc problems of the neck is often described as a deep ache. Some people may have relief of their pain by holding their hand behind their head.
Disc herniations of the neck may cause irritation of the nerves of the neck. Most disc herniations of the neck occur in people under 40. After age 40 the disc dries out considerably and there is much less watery substance to squirt out and cause problems.
For this type of neck pain Chiropractic can be very effective. Usually very gentle adjustments of the neck are used. Myofascial release treatments are often effective as well. Traction is also recommended in cases of suspected disc herniation. Home traction is often helpful as well as manual traction procedures during the Chiropractic treatment.

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