Shoulder pain, Biceps tendon and Chiropractic treatments

Shoulder pain is often a very bothersome condition that is hard to diagnose. Shoulder pain that is located near the front of the shoulder is often due to problems with the biceps tendon. Irritation of the biceps tendon is often due to such activities as throwing motions or forward motions of the shoulder such as pushing a vacuum. The pain usually begins gradually. Sudden pain in the shoulder that is associated with a snap can involve the rupture of the transverse ligament. The transverse ligament holds the biceps tendon down into a groove in the humerus. When the transverse ligament is ruptures the biceps tendon may snap in and out of the groove which is annoying and painful.
Palpation of tenderness at the upper part of the biceps tendon is usually easy to identify.
The most beneficial technique for the biceps tendon is myofascial release. Usually the techniqe is not especially painful but is usually very tender for the first several treatments. Chiropractic techniques for biceps tendon shoulder pain involve mobilization of the shoulder capsule and AC joint. Most often an episode of biceps tendon pain can be resolved within several weeks. It is helpful to rest the shoulder and use ice over the area of pain.

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