Foot Pain/Running Injuries/Arch Pain and Chiropractic

Pain in the arches is a common problem for both runners and anyone spending a lot of time on their feet. Most people aren’t aware that Chiropractic treatment is very effective for some foot conditions. Chiropractic adjustments to the foot are often highly effective in relieving foot pain much in the same way they are effective for neck and back pain.
The foot has three arches. The one towards the midline of the foot is the most obvious. The ball of the foot also represents an arch in the foot. The ball is formed by the metatarsal bones. A fallen metatarsal arch occurs when one of the metatarsal bones falls below the level of the arch. The metatarsal which causes this problem is most often near the second toe. When the arch falls for an extended period of time there is usually a second callous below the second toe. If the condition persists long enough a stress fracture may develop in the metatarsal bone of the second toe. This is a more serious condition and usually results in having to stay off the feet for a more extended period of time.
A fallen metatarsal arch can be very successfully treated by Chiropractic adjustments to the foot and arch. Usually the person lies on their stomach on the table as the Chiropractor uses a contact to the metatarsal to move it up into its normal position. Often, several adjustments are effective in the condition. It may also be helpful to spend less time on the feet for a while as well as get new shoes that aren’t worn down under the metatarsal callous.

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