Neck Pain and Chiropractic

The neck is often able to cause a condition known as referred pain. Referred pain is a condition when one structure of the body may causes pain to be felt in another area of the body. One such possibility is pain in the shoulder due to a gall bladder problem. Referred pain is one of the more tricky parts of Chiropractic care of neck pain.
The joints in the back of the neck which limit turning are called the facet joints. Lack of motion or restriction of the facet joints may cause referred pain down the outer side of the arm. Problems with the facet joint may not be due to any type of injury and may come on over a period of weeks or months. The deep muscles of the neck may also cause referred pain in the arm. This is one reason why the Chiropractic technique of myofascial release can be so effective in treating neck pain.
One key feature of facet joint pain is its ability to refer pain into the face. Face pain is often a confusing condition that may involve the sinuses. Trigeminal neuralgia is another possible condition that may cause face pain. That will be the subject of a future post.
Treating facet joint problems and referred pain is often very effective with Chiropractic treatments. The goal of the Chiropractic adjustment to the neck is to normalize the motion and position of the facet joints. Once the facet joints are moving in a normal manner often the face pain can resolve. Usually it is recommended that a person with neck and face pain undergro 4-7 Chiropractic adjustments in 1-3 weeks as treatment for their condition. Neck extension exercises are also effective in my opinion.

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