Jaw Pain and Chiropractic Treatments for the Jaw

The jaw is known as the temporo-mandibular joint. It is the joint between the jaw (mandible) and the skull bone known as the temporal bone. Jaw pain or TMJ is a very common condition that up to 90% of persons may experience in their lifetime. Women are more commonly effected with TMJ than men. TMJ is often a tough condition to get a handle on. It is also important to note that TMJ may be a referral point for pain in the neck and ear. Sometimes the TMJ is considered the domain of the specialist but Chiropractic care is often very effective.
The TMJ joint is more complex than a simple hinge and the joint contains a disc which may be displaced or deteriorate. Generally x rays are not helpful in diagnosing TMJ problems. MRI may be of benefit if the pain is severe and no relief can be achieved through Chiropractic care.
Trigger points in the muscles of the jaw may also be associated with headaches and neck pain. Trigger point therapy to the muscles of the jaw is often very helpful in Chiropractic treatment of TMJ. Gentle traction maneuvers are the treatment of choice for TMJ. Most individuals have very little pain during treatment of the TMJ. I usually recommend 2-5 treatments over 2 weeks for TMJ as a starting point.

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