Exercises for the Rotator Cuff-Preventing Shoulder Pain

Impingement of the rotator cuff is a common problem in both athletes and people who work with their arms above their heads. Rotator cuff weakness and instability is a common problems as well. The main thing to avoid with shoulder impingement rehab is to avoid raising the arm above 70 degrees which increases the impingement of the head or the humerus to the collar bone.
The main Chiropractic technique that is helpful in tendinitis of the rotator cuff is myofascial release.
This blog will describe a basis set of exercises that can be done quickly with minimal equipment to benefit the rotator cuff muscles, shoulder and help prevent shoulder impingement.
Lying on the side and raising the arm up to 45 degrees without weight is an excellent exercise for the rotator cuff without increasing the risk for shoulder impingement. Shoulder shrugs are also effective. The shoulder shrug is considered the exercise that activates the most muscles in the shoulder. Shrugs can be done with no weight, light weights or heavier weights. Internal and external rotation of the arm is also a good rotator cuff exercise. In this exercise the elbow is held at 90 degrees. This exercise is often effective when used with therabands. Seated rowing motions with the elbows held wide is another excellent rotator cuff exercise. Home gyms such as the Bowflex and Total gym are great for doing rowing motions with the elbows wide.

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