Hip Pain and the IT band-Hip Bursitis

The ilio-tibial (IT band) is a muscle that runs from the side of the hip or ilium past the knee. The purpose of the muscle is to lift the hip outwards.
Hip pain is one of the more common complaints seen in the Chiropractic office. Usually bursitis of the hip is more of a chronic overuse condition that comes on over several weeks or months. It may also become a chronic condition. Often the pain may be felt at the upper, outer part of the knee but also at the side of the hip. Usually women are more prone to having knee pain as a result of IT band problems due to a different angle and the knee than men. The pain of IT band syndrome usually gets worse with exercise. Many people have given up running due to problems with the IT band.
Part one of the Chiropractic approach is to use ice over the upper, outer part of the knee. Ice is very helpful in most cases of inflammation of a tendon. Second, stretching of the IT band may help. Third, is myofascial release treatments to the IT band at the knee and in the hip. Often IT band syndrome is called bursitis of the hip. A bursa is a saclike structure that lubricates the motion of the muscle over the hip. Generally IT band bursitis responds well to the combination of myofascial release, Chiropractic treatment and ice/rest. A typical plan of care would include 5-7 visits over a 2-3 week period.

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