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Headaches are a very common complaint in Chiropractic practice. Headaches can arise from a variety of sources. This blog will address the type known as cervico-genic headaches. Cervico-genic headaches arise from the joints and muscles of the neck. Three factors have been identified that may lead to cervico-genic headaches. 1. Forward head carraige. Forward head carraige is a condition that is very common. Most office work involves looking down which tends to draw the head forward and round the curve of the neck. I recommend neck extension exercises to correct forward head carriage and loss of curve of the neck. Neck extensions can be done on a machine at the gym or on a gym ball at home. Factor2. Lack of strength of the muscles of the upper neck. 3. The presense of joint dysfunction or lack of movement of the joints of the neck. The joints most commonly associated wth cervico-genic headaches are the joints of the upper tow bones in the next (C1 and C2).
Headache sufferers were also found to have a lower than normal range of motion of the neck.
Chiropractic seeks to treat cervico-genic headache by treating joint dysfunction and increasing range of motion of the neck. Neck extension exercises help to increase muscle strength, reduce forward head posture, maintain the normal curve of the neck, and increase joint motion. Myofascial release is able to reduce trigger points in the muscles that may refer pain to the head or face.
Shouder shrug exercises and rowing motions are helpful in reducing shoulder positions which also exacerbate cervico-genic headaches.

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