Neck and mid back pain-Chiropractic topics

Pain in the middle of the back is one of the more common conditions in todays desk job oriented world. Mid back pain is also a very common condition that causes people to seek Chiropractc care.
It is important to know that pain in the middle back may be referred from other sources. One possilbe source is from an ulcer. A second possible source is from the neck. Many cases of mid back pain causes by the neck involve people who sit for extended periods of time at work. Often poor sitting on the job may aggrevate the structures of the neck and refer pain into the middle back. Usually this type of pain is relieved somewhat by standing and stretching. Problems with the cervical intervertebral discs may cause pain in the mid back.
Studies have shown that herniations to the discs of the neck can cause pain in the are between the shoulder blades. Additionally, it was found that when complete range of motion was restored to the neck that the symptoms of mid back pain ease. The findings support that fact that Chiropractic adjustments are effective in relieving mid back pain referred from the neck.
Often pain in the mid back is due to a rib that is out of place or a subluxated rib.

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