Lower back pain, the disc and Chiropractic

Problems with the lumbar disc are a common cause of back pain. The causes of back pain are commonly described as poorly understood. Most people suffering from back pain related to the disc can expect to recover if they wait long enough. Back pain is generally regarded as a self limiting condition. Chiropractic care for back pain is recommended to reduce pain, speed recovery and prevent development of chronic and recurrent pain. The recurrence of back pain is high (40-85% have a recurrence within 1 year). Several types of Chiropractic adjustments have been proved effective for disc problems including side posture adjustments and flexion-distraction ( a special form of traction). Combined with an exercise program and proper lifting/sitting technique, Chiropractic care offers the best form of conservative care for lower back pain.
Often disc problems are revealed by advanced imagining techniques such as MRI. Disc conditions shown of MRI often do not have a direct relation with symptoms of back pain. Studies have shown that 20-30% of people without back pain or sciatica have a disc herniation or disc abnormality.
Pain caused by disc problems is generally irritated by forward bending or sitting in a slumped position. One study showed almost 40% of back pain sufferers had pain arising from the disc. The disc can also refer pain into the leg. Sciatica is pain in the leg along the course of a nerve. It is estimated that 40% of people will experience sciatica in their lifetime.
Disc pain is also considered to be aggrevated by activity and relieved by rest. Some people with especially irritated discs may have pain at rest as well.

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