Tennis Elbow, Lateral Epicondylitis, Sports Injuries

Tennis elbow refers to an inflammation of the tendons at the outside of the elbow. The tendons are known as the extensor tendons and they attach to the lateral epicondyle. The lateral epicondyle is the bump on the outside of the elbow. Usually the cause of tennis elbow is repetitive activity in sports or occupational activity. Racket sports such as tennis are some of the most common causes. Using power hand tools can also be very irritating to the elbow.
The treatment of the acute phase of tennis elbow involves rest and icing the elbow. Once the acute pain has subsided the recommended approach is myofascial release to the tendons at the elbow, Chiropractic adjustment to the elbow and wrist, and range of motion exercise/stretching.
Often corticosteroid injections are recommended for tennis elbow. Studies have shown high initial relief from the condition but long term benefits were no better than a wait and see appoach. Ultrasound treatment also showed little benefit in studies.
In my experience tennis elbow is highly responsive to myofascial release treatment combined with Chiropractic adjustments. Most patients can have significant benefits within 5 visits. Home stretching, ice and rest are very helpful in speeding the progress.

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