Pain in the front of the Shoulder-Sports injury

Pain in the front of the shoulder is often due to tendinitis of the biceps tendon. Throwing motions are one possible irritant of the biceps tendon. Usually the pain is felt from the tip of the shoulder down the front of the arm to 3-4 inches below the shoulder. Biceps tendinitis pain may be fairly severe and limit the range of motion of the shoulder. Other factors may cause the biceps tendon to become inflammed as well such as office work or weight lifting. Often some people may have shoulder pain due to the biceps tendon without any known cause.
Generally rest and icing are helpful in all tendinitis situations and are very helpful for biceps tendinitis. Myofascial release treatments are highly effective for the biceps tendon and may often relieve the condition within several weeks or less. I have treated cases of shoulder pain due to biceps tendinitis that were able to resolve within a week.
If pain in the front of the shoulder is associated with and injury and a snap in the front of the shoulder was heard one possibility may be rupture of the transverse tendon of the biceps. It rupture of the transverse tendon a snapping may be felt at the front of the shoulder in some motions of the arm.

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