Benefits of Heat-Chiropractic topics

Heat is one of the most used therapeutic modalities. Heat may be either superficial or deep. Most types such as a hot pack or heating pad are considered to be superficial and only heat the upper layers of the body. Heat therapy may increase the viscosity of the fluid in the joints but it must be applied very close to a painful level which most people aren’t going to do at home. Heat is generally considered effective prior to exercise to increase the elasticity of muscles and tendons. Heat is also usually not recommended for acute injury and may produce extra pain when applied to an injury. Heat is sometimes used in the Chiropractic setting to relax patients. Most type of heat do not penetrate into the lower levels of the back and are superficial. Heat is often effective in warming up chronically stiff joints or sports injuries prior to exercise. Cold should be applied after exercise if the joints become painful after exercise.
Deep heat is seldon used at home. Deep heat is usually applied by ultrasound, diathermy, radiant heat or microwave. Deep heat is sometimes used in Chiropractic settings or in Physical therapy.

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