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Compression fractures are a back injury that may result from a force that compresses the spine. Compression fractures usually occur in the lower part of the thoracic spine or the upper lumbar spine. The area would be about half way between the belt line and the shoulder blades. This type of injury may occur after falling on the butt or from jumping off a height and landing on the feet. In older people the onset may occur after something as mild as sneezing. Usually the pain from a compression fracture begins immediately. Often a compression fracture indicates there is a weakness in the bone and may indicate osteoporosis. Typically the acute pain from a compression fracture may last for several weeks. In the acute phase rest and pain medications are helpful.
One key point is that all persons with osteoporosis should avoid flexion exercises of the trunk. Flexion exercises would be bending forward at the waist. Flexion exercises were found to cause a marked increase in compression fractures in people with osteoporosis who performed exercises for lower back pain.
Chiropractic care is helpful for cases of compression fracture after the acute phase has passed. Usually Chiropractic adjustments for this type of pain focus on gentle stretching and muscle work.
Compression fractures are usually diagnosed by x rays but often the condition may be obvious from the history and area of pain.

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