The spine and Chiropractic

The spine is composed of 26 vertebrae as well as supporting muscles, ligaments and nerves. The spine functions ask a flexible framework to support the body and as an attachment for the muscles. The spine also protects the nerves and organs. The nerves exit the spinal column through flexible spaces called intervertebral foramen.
A subluxation is an abnormal functioning joint that may interfere with the conduction of nerve impulses out of the spine. The nerves are not directly pinched by the bones of the spine but rather are irritated by the lack of motion at the spinal joints. Chiropractic adjustments seek to correct the lack of motion in the joints (subluxation).
A subluxation may be caused by an injury such as falling or by a buildup of stress in the joints. Correcting a subluxation with Chiropractic adjustments allows the body to naturally heal itself by removing interference to the nervous system.

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