Headaches, Chiropractic and the neck

Some types of headaches are caused by the neck. These are often referred to as cervico-genic headaches. This type of headache is often responsive to Chiropractic treatment. Headaches that originated from the neck are also known as common migraines (or migraines without an auro). Several of the key features of cervico-genic headaches were stiffness of the joints of the neck, tender points or trigger points in the muscles of the back on the head/neck, and forward head position or rounded shoulders. Chiropractic care is effective in improving the range of motion of the neck and freeing stuck joints. Myofascial release techniques are a Chiropractic technique that is able to address the trigger points in the muscles of the neck. Trigger points in the muscles are often cited as an important factor in perpetuating headaches of all types.
Posture and forward head carriage is also an important factor in headaches. The forward head position is very stressfull on the muscles and joints of the neck. Proper office or work setup in helpful for correcting the condition as well as exercises such as the neck extension exercise, rowing motions and stretching the pectorals.

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