Lower back pain and Chiropractic

Lower back pain is the most common condition that causes people to seek Chiropractic care. Lower back pain is a condition that often causes referred pain into the leg and back. The deeper the source of the pain in the body (such as the lumbar spine) the more likely the pain is felt as a deep ache that is hard to trace. Referral of back pain into the legs is common and is often of a dull achy nature. Usually pain referred from the lower back does not travel beyond the knee. This type of pain differs from the type of pain caused by disc herniation which can travel below the knee. Usually pain from disc conditions is known to produce an electric shock like sensation when triggered. Disc problems often irritate the nerve root and cause pain down the leg. Disc herniations may also cause pain in the back that does not go down the leg.
Pain that radiates down the leg is most often called sciatica.
Problems with the sacro-iliac joints may cause pain to radiate down the leg as well. Usually this type of back pain does not travel below the knee. Sacro-iliac back pain is frequently described as an achy type pain is a type of referred pain. Chiropractic adjustments are the preferred treatment of sacro-iliac joint problems.
Problems with the joints of the lower back may also radiate pain down the leg but usually above the knee.

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