Chiropractic and Sports injuries

Most people think of Chiropractic care only for neck and back pain. Chiropractic techniques are also very helpful in adjustments for the foot, shoulder, knee, elbow, jaw and wrist. Myofascial release techniques are especially helpful in chronic overuse injuries seen in many sports. Tendinitis of the shoulder is a very common condition that may be treated successfully by a combination of Chiropractic techniques and myofascial release. Overuse of the elbow often results in tennis or golfer’s elbow. Both conditions of the elbow are caused by overuse of the muscles and overstress of the tendons and can be very successfully treated by myofascial release techniques and Chiropractic adjustments to the elbow.
Running is a sport that has a very high incidence of overuse injuries. Some common running injuries are:hamstring problems, knee tendinitis, Ilio-tibial band syndrome (IT band), plantar fasciitis, arch pain, metatarsal arch pain, achilled tendinitis and shin splints. Most types of running conditions that involve overuse of the tendons or tendonitis respond well to myofascial release techniques.
Running and extended standing can be very tough on the feet and cause foot pain. Chiropractic adjustments to the feet are often very effective in relieving pressure on the arches and freeing stuck joints.
Shoulder injuries are another very common problem area for athletes. Rotator cuff problems, biceps tendonitis and shoulder bursitis are common conditions in the athlete. Rotator cuff conditions are often successfully treated with myofascial release techniques.
Dr. Etter has over ten years of practice experience treating a wide variety of sports injuries and overuse injuries. His practice serves the Olathe, Lenexa and Overland Park areas of Kansas.

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