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Complaints of numbness, tingling and pins/needles are not uncommon complaints that cause a person to consult a Chiropractor. Numbness and tingling are usually the result of a disease (diabetes), lack of blood supply or injury to the nerves. Trauma or peripheral nerve impingement may cause numbness, pins and needles or it may be a metabolic condition such as diabetes.
Another complicating factor in numbness is that numbness may often be referred and felt in an entirely different location that the true problem area. For instance, numbness associated with the lower back may be felt in parts of the foot.
Irritation to the sensory nerves may be either a pins and needles type condition (paresthesia) or a painful sensation from light touch (dysesthesias).
One type of paresthesia that is commonly seen in Chiropractic practice is meralgia paresthetica. This condition produces a numbness in the lateral thigh. It is caused by impingement of the sensory nerves. Possible causes include pregnancy, prolonged sitting, wearing a holster/tool belt, or obesity/diabetes.
Intercostal neuralgia is a painful condition of the middle back or thoracic region. It may be associated with shingles. Other possible causes are joint fixations or rib fixations of the middle back. Chiropractic adjustments are often quite effective in relieving the pain of rib subluxations.

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