Foot and Ankle conditions- Sports injury and Chiropractic

Problems with the foot and ankle are common in athletes. Less active people also may suffer from problems with the feet and ankles. Many people are unaware that Chiropractic care is able to provide relief from many conditions of the foot and ankle. In the same way Chiropractic adjustments free restrictions of the joints of the spine, adjustments may also normalize the motions of the joints of the foot and ankle.
The foot and ankle is the main shock absorber of the body while walking or running. Dysfunction of the foot may cause problems throughout the body. Lower back pain may also be aggrevated by problems with the foot. Most foot complaints are due to improper footwear or lack of support. Shoes that fit too tight may cause compression of the joints of the ball of the foot (metatarsals). If the foot is too mobile problems such as plantar fasciitis may result. Ankle sprains are common. The most common type of ankle sprain is the inversion sprain (where the foot is turned forcefully inward). The most severe complications of a bad sprain are fracture of the bones or rupture of the ligaments

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