Chiropractic, Sports injury, and foot pain

Foot pain is a very common condition in athletes as well as those who stand for work or recreation. Many people are not aware that Chiropractic has many effective treatments for foot pain and problems with the joints of the foot.
One of the most common conditions causing pain in the ball of the foot is known as metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia refers to pain in ball of the foot caused by the dropping of one of the metatarsal heads. The metatarsal heads form the arch in the ball of the foot. Untreated metatarsalgia may result in a stress fracture of the neck of the metatarsal. Standing on the feet for long periods in high heeled shoes may result in metatarsalgia. Other factors are excessive walking or jogging, being overweight or excessively flat or arched feet. The cause of the problem is most often subluxated metatarsal heads. Chiropractic adjustments to the heads of the metatarsals is often quite effective in relieving pressure and the arch and restoring the normal position of the metatarsal heads. Often the person with a dropped metatarsal head will have an extra callous on the ball of the foot. The callous is caused by the metatarsal head being below the level of the arch of the foot. The treatment consists of Chiropractic adjustments to the fallen metatarsal head as well as rest and changing of footwear.

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