Ankle sprains and Chiropractic, Sports Injury

Most ankle sprains are of the inversion type. An inversion sprain is when the foot forcefully turns inwards. Subsequent sprains tend to become more severe due to injury and laxity of the ligaments.
Ankle sprains typically cause an inability to bear weight on the injured ankle and swelling and pain on the outside of the ankle.
The standard treatment for ankle sprains is ice, elevation, and compression. Weight bearing should be protected and the person should engage in weight bearing as soon as possible. Strengthening of the muscles including the tibialis anterior and peroneals is also an effective treatment. The tibialis anterior is the muscle at the front of the lower leg that lifts the toe upward. The peroneals are the muscles at the side of the leg that turn the foot outwards. It has been estimated that ankle sprains account for up to 25% of the time lost in athletics.

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