Shoulder Pain and Chiropractic

Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions seen in athletes as well as non athletes. Often shoulder pain is hard for a person to pin point by pointing at the pain. Chiropractic care involving myofascial release techniques are often highly effective for shoulder pain. Often crackling of the shoulder is a common complaint. Most often the crackling sound comes from the clavicle or collar bone in its connections to the sternum and shoulder blade. The a-c joint or the joint of the collar bone and shoulder blade is a common site of injury. Often the joint is injured by falling on the tip of the shoulder with the arm at the side. If injured the collar bone may stick up and be visible under the skin. Arthritis of the ac joint often causes pain when the arm is raised completely over the head.
Pain at the front of the shoulder is often due to tendinitis of the biceps tendon. Throwing motions are particularly irritating to the biceps tendon. Biceps tendinitis often responds very well to Chiropractic (especially myofascial release).
The rotator cuff is another common area of pain in the shoulder. Often problems with the rotator cuff cause pain at the front of the shoulder. Often the rotator cuff is irritated in swimmers and people who do lots of overhead motions for work or sports.

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