Wrist Problems and Chiropractic.

The wrist is a complex joint that may be the cause of pain due to sports, computer work or other recreational activities. The wrist has no tendons that attach directly to the wrist and all stability at the wrist is due to the ligaments in the wrist itself. Problems with the muscles that cross the wrist and originate in the shoulder can cause pain in the wrist. Wrist problems are often the result of direct trauma, falls and overuse. Falls may cause instability if the ligaments are damaged. In athletics and computer user populations overuse is a common problem at the wrist. Positions that strain muscles repetitively are likely to result in insidious onset wrist pain. Weight lifting, rowing, and raquetball are among the most common actitivies that overstrain the wrist. Cumulative trauma is another important factor in wrist injury. Any occupational activity that is performed many times a day may be the cause of pain in the wrist and chronic overuse injury.
Insidious onset of wrist pain and pain in the forearm is most often due to overuse. If weakness or tingling is present it often means a peripheral nerve is entrapped.
The most common peripheral nerve entrapment treated by Chiropractors is the pronator teres. The pronator teres can be entrapped by such activties as weight lifting and using the hands for work. Myofascial release treatments are the most effective treatment for peripheral nerve entrapments in the wrist.

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