Knee injuries and Chiropractic Part 2

Chiropractic care is an important part of conservative management of knee injuries. Several key factors in the nature of the injury can suggest the type of problem.
If swelling follows the injury it may be the result of blood inside the knee joint. If the knee is tense, swollen and painful following the injury it may indicate blood in the knee joint and the a possible ACL tear. If swelling is delayed a few hours and not especially painful generally the ACL is less likely effected and the condition may be related to the meniscus.
If the knee gives way at the time of injury a reflex action of the quadriceps is usually involved. Often instablility of the knee involving ACL instability is the cause of a knee giving way but may also be related to other painful knee conditions.
A pop at the time of injury is indicative of an ACL tear especially if the pop was accompanied by immediate pain and swelling.
Locking of the knee may involve a meniscus tear.

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