Tightness in the knee: Chiropractic and the knee series

This is a continuation of the series on knee pain and Chiropractic. Restricted motion at the knee is a common complaint. Restricted motion may be the result of swelling of the joint, loose bodies in the joint, or tight musculature. Most acute injuries to the knee will cause a painful swelling and lack of motion in the knee. Chronic conditions of the knee are more likely due to problems with the muscles and tendons especially if a person is not very active. If stiffness at the knee is a problem after long periods of sitting (and the pain resolves after 20 minutes of exercise) the problem usually relates to tendinitis of the quardriceps (patellofemoral pain) or osteoarthritis. Tendinitis of the quadriceps is more common in younger athletic people and may be successfully treated with Chiropractic care involving myofascial release technique. Osteoarthritis is more common in older people. Osteoarthritis may cause swelling or bulging of the knee at the joint line as well.

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