IT Band and Chiropractic care-Lateral Knee pain

The IT band or Ilio-tibial band is a muscle on the side of the knee that may cause pain in the side of the knee. Usually the pain from IT band syndrome gradually increases over a few days to weeks. The pain is often associated with running although non active people may also experience IT band pain. Downhill running seems to be one particularly aggrevating activity and the pain usually occurs while extending the leg just prior to the heel strike. A squeaking sound may also be heard with bending and extending the knee.
The cause of IT band is a tight IT band muscle that rubs against the bones at the side of the knee while the knee is slightly to moderately bent. The most common causes are downhill running and jogging in which the knee is often slightly bent.
Usually tenderness in IT band pain is felt just above the joint line of the knee on the outside of the knee. Tenderness is most pronounced when the knee is slightly bent.
The most effective Chiropractic treatment for IT band is myofascial release treatment to the IT band where it attaches into the knee. Usually 4-8 treatments over 2-3 weeks are effective in alleviating pain from IT band. Rest and avoiding the aggravating activities are also helpful. Chiropractic adjustments to the knee, hip, the sacro-iliac joints are also helpful.

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