Chiropractic, Whiplash and Neck injury

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that causes people to seek Chiropractic care. Several key factors determine the degree of injury and the number and frequency of Chiropractic treatments needed to recover. As we age the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the neck decreases. Generally older individuals are less likely to be able to withstand a whiplash injury than younger people. The strength of the neck musculature is another important factor in resisting a whiplash injury. As we age the range of motion of the neck can decrease by up to 40%. The largest group of people injured by whiplash are in the 20-40 year old group. Children are much less likely to be injured due to higher seat backs and a springier spine. It has been estimated that children under 10 are up to 6X less likely than adults to be injured in a rear impact collision.
Women seem to be much more susceptible to whiplash injury than men and require a longer course of Chiropractic care to recover than men. Other factors that increase the severity of whiplash include osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes.
One factor that increases the severity of whiplash is if the head is turned at the time of impact. A turned head is up to 50% less flexible than looking straight ahead.
Shorter people generally have less risk of whiplash injury than taller persons. Shorter people do have a higher risk though of injury to the soft tissues of the neck including the blood vessels.
It has also been noted that surprise rear impacts result in more severe injury and more common injury.

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