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“What can I do to prevent back pain?” is one of the most common question back pain sufferers want to know. There are several basic techniques for sitting and lying that are good preventative measures to help reduce the likelyhood of back pain.
For people who sit for their work the correct sitting position is very important. Sitting puts more pressure on the disc and improper sitting may irritate the disc. Sitting in a slouched position rounds the lower back and can irritate disc pain. Tilting the seat of a chair forward slightly is one technique to maintain the ideal curve of the lower back. Foam wedges with a cut out for the tailbone are another effective way of maintaining the proper curve in the lower back if a chair is not adjustable or inadequate generally. Other types of foam padding may also be added to the chair to give better support. Foam cushions that fit along the back of the chair are also able to support the lumbar curve. Any type of support should fit to support the part of the lower back that curves forward the most. The pelvic tilt is one exercise that is especially able to benefit those people who have back pain associated with sitting.
Getting up in the morning with back pain is another common complaint of back pain sufferers. For back pain a firm mattress is recommended. The firm mattress gives optimal support to the curves of the lower back while sleeping. Sleeping on the stomach is usually not recommended due to the overrounding of the curves of the lower back. I very firm mattress may be supportive enough for those who must sleep on their stomachs. Persons with flat curves of the lower back are probably more able to sleep on the stomach.
Waterbeds are less probably less popular today than years past. Waterbeds can be good for some back pain sufferers but not for others. There is no definitive last word on waterbeds for back pain that I am aware of.
The pelvic tilt exercise is probably the best exercise for back pain involving the discs and facet joints. The pelvic tilt is often very beneficial to do before getting out of bed in the morning to help warm up the back before standing. The gym ball is the best way to strengthen the core at home. A 10 minute routine done every other day can go a long way to preventing back pain and strengthening the core.
Dr. Tom Etter has been in Chiropractic practice in Olathe and Lenexa Kansas for over ten years. He has ergonomics training through the BackSafe/SittingSage program. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice focuses on the treatment of back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. Dr. Etter’s treatments combine both traditional Chiropractic techniques and myofascial release treatments which are focused on treating the muscular component of back and neck pain. Many effective Chiropractic and myofascial release treatments are available for sports injuries as well. Shin splints, shoulder pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel, elbow pain, and running injuries are all conditions that may be effectively treated.

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