Whiplash and Headaches-Chiropractic topics

Chiropractors provide the majority of care for people suffering from whiplash. The term whiplash is somewhat of a catch-all term for a variety of syptoms arising from the injury of a car accident. Headaches are the second most commonly reported condition resulting from whiplash that causes people to seek Chiropractic care. Trauma to the neck itself is the most common cause of whiplash associated headaches. Some studies have shown up to 90% of persons with neck trauma report headaches. The headaches from whiplash may vary and be constant or intermittent, and may vary in location. The front and back (occipital) of the head are the most common locations for headaches in post whiplash. The most common type of headache seen in the Chiropractic office is the muscle contraction headache or tension headache. The tension headache is associated with pain in the front and or back of the head and may be felt behind the eyes. Damage to the neck muscles or trigger points in the neck muscles can refer pain to the head or face and is a common cause of contiued neck pain. Headache is considered to be the most common presenting syptom of degenertion of the joints of the neck or arthritis of the neck. Other headache theories propose that headache may be related to spasm,injury or inflammation of the muscles of the neck. Poor posture including forward head position is another causative factor in headaches. Forward bending of the head increase the demands on the joints and especially the muscles of the neck and may exacerbate headaches. Studies have shown that person with the most forward head posture had a greater likelyhood of having headaches and had more pain with headaches. Neck extension exercises as well as rowing type lifting motions combined with Chiropractic treatments and myofascial release treatment to the muscles of the back of the neck are often very effective in treating this type of headaches.
Dr. Tom Etter has over ten years of Chiropractic practice experience in Olathe, Kansas and Lenexa, Kansas. His practice specialty is back pain, neck pain, whiplash treatment, shoulder pain and running injuries.

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