Chiropractic in History

The practice of Chiropractic in the United States is just a little over 100 years old. Even though Chiropractic in the US is a fairly young science and art, healing arts similar to Chiropractic have been in practice for centuries. Take for instance this quote from nearly 2000 years ago.

“During the same times the Art of Medicine was divided into three parts:one being that which cures through diet, another through medicaments, and the third by the hand. The Greeks termed the first dietetics, the second pharmaceutics and the third chirurgics.”
Dr. Tom Etter is graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has over ten years of Chiropractic practice experience in Olathe, Kansas and Lenexa, Kansas. The focus of Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice is neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, knee pain and shoulder pain.

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I help people through chiropractic care and acupuncture.
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