Neck Pain with Pain in the arm-Chiropractic treatments

Often relatively minor incidences can trigger episodes of neck and arm pain. Sleeping on a couch or sudden turning of the head are events that are minor in nature but may often trigger an episode of pain in the neck and arm. Pain in the neck may also begin gradually with no known cause or irritating factor. The joints of the neck are able to cause referred pain in the arm. Typically the pain caused by the joints of the neck is on the outer side of the arm and can be felt as far down the arm as the hand. Irritation of the muscles of the neck is also able to cause pain to be felt in the arm. Myofascial release is one of the most effective techniques in Chiropractic treatment to deal with referred pain in the arm due to problems with the muscles. Muscular and joint pain in the neck may also be referred to the face. Generally the joints of the lower neck are the most commonly involved in referred pain into the arm. The lower neck is also the most commonly effected area of the neck involved in whiplash injury as well. Irritation to the lower neck from a whiplash may often be involved in pain that refers down the arm.
Chiropractic adjustments to the neck are often very effective treatment in joint problems with the neck. Myofascial release is a specialized Chiropractic technique that is often highly effective in dealing with tight muscles or trigger points in the muscles of the neck.
Sitting at a computer for hours if one of the most common ways Chiropractic patients irritate their necks. Modification of the computer desk to avoid bending of the neck or turning of the neck is often effective to avoid recurrences.
Dr. Tom Etter has over ten years of Chiropractic experience in Olathe and Lenexa, Kansas. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice focus is neck pain, back pain, whiplash, sports injuries, shoulder pain and knee pain.

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