Bursitis of the Shoulder, Chiropractic approaches

Often all pain in the shoulder is referred to as bursitis which is usually a gross oversimplification of the conditions. Bursitis of the shoulder on its own is not a common condition. True bursitis of the shoulder is usually the result of a direct blow to the shoulder such as in football.
Some of the most common conditions of the shoulder that are able to cause pain and altered movement of the shoulder are: 1. Calcific deposits in the joint capsule of the shoulder 2. Biceps tendinitis 3. AC joint injury and 4. Adhesive Capsulitis of the shoulder.
Usually altered motion of the shoulder joint are a common cause of problems. A standard set of exercises that is targeted to training the rotator cuff are usually effective in correcting the altered motion at the rotator cuff. Myofascial release techniques are also highly effective in treating the rotator cuff and bicpes tendon.

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