Muscle injuries and Chiropractic

Many people think of Chiropractic care only for conditions effecting the joints of the spine. Myofascial release treatments are a highly effective Chiropractic technique that directly addresses muscular injuries.
Injury to the muscles is usually accompanied by swelling, pain and loss of function. Tearing of the tissues causes some degree of bleeding into the muscles. Local inflammation at the site of the tear causes heat, redness, swelling and pain. The result of bleeding into the muscles is thickening of the tissues and adhesions in the muscles. The Chiropractic technique that directly addresses tissue adhesions is myofascial release.
With muscle strains the muscle tends to get stiff while at rest. This is due to fluids that have been released into the spaces around the muscle cells. Cramps and spasms may also be experienced while at rest initially. The pain may be relieved by motion which helps to move the fluids out of the spaces between the muscle cells. Often the fluids may reform after exercise leading to more formations of adhesions and a cycle of inflammation. As a result reduced motion causes difficulty moving the joints and puts pressure on the vessels and nerves surrounding the muscle. Small nodules in injured muscles are often too small to be felt with the hand but can be tender under pressure. The onset of pain and muscle dysfunction may occur suddenly or gradually. Usually, stiffness of a muscle or joint after exercise is a consistent complaint. Often swelling after activity is a common complaint with muscle injury as well. The nodules that form in injured muscles are referred to as trigger points and are tender to the touch. Pressure on a trigger point causes both local pain in the muscle as well as referred pain which may travel to different areas.
Some of the causes of trigger points are chronic muscle strain, excessive muscle activity, trauma, chilling of fatigued muscles, arthritis, and anxiety.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience. His Chiropractic practice focus includes myofascial release techniques which are often very effective in dealing with injuries to the muscles and trigger points.

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