Functional Scoliosis, back pain and Chiropractic

Many patients seeking Chiropractic care for lower back pain are concerned that they are not “straight” or are standing at an angle. Standing crooked is known as an antalgic lean and is the body’s attempt to move away from painful joints and discs. Usually an antalgic lean is caused by spasm of the back muscles and involves a strain of the facet joints or disc problem.
Often if the back pain is due to strain of the facet joints and the disc the person will bend forward at the waist. Strains of the hip flexors also can cause a person to stand in a forward bending or flexed posture.
Spasm of the piriformis muscle in the buttocks is a common cause of pain in the buttocks and can occur gradually.
The piriformis muscle can entrap the sciatic nerve causing sciatica. The pain from piriformis entrapment of the sciatic nerve in the buttocks can radiate down the thigh, the outside of the leg and into the sole of the foot.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of experience. His Chiropractic practice focus is back pain, neck pain, and sports injuries.

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