The Knee and Chiropractic Care

The knee is a complex joint that is the frequently the site of pain from traumatic injury and overuse conditions. Many overuse conditions are able to be treated effectively with Chiropractic care (including myofascial release techniques).
One of the conditions of the knee that responds most readily to Chiropractic methods is patello-femoral pain. This type of pain refers to problems with the up and down movements of the patella (knee cap). The patella functions much like a pulley. In some cases the cartilage on the underside of the patella may break down. This conditions is known as patellar malacia. The condition may be caused by trauma, especially in young athletes. Another cause of malacia of the patella is a tracking disorder of the patella. This type of condition is due to a disturbance in the normal rhythm of the patella sliding up and down the groove in the front of the femur. Patellar tracking disorders are often able to be treated successfully with Chiropractic methods that address adhesions in the patellar tendon.
In the condition known as Jumper’s knee the upper and lower borders of the patella are tender.
One general test used by Chiropractors to determine if a patellar tracking disorder is present is to press down on the knee cap while the knee is extended. If pain is present on pressing down on the knee in this position it may indicate some degree of tracking disorder as well as malacia of the patella.
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