Pain in the side of the Knee and Chiropractic

Pain in the side of the knee is common condition in Chiropractic practice. The IT band is a muscle in the side of the thigh that acts to stabilize the knee while it is fully extended. The IT band is often irritated by running especially in women. Running up hill is often a irritating position for the IT band.
If the IT band is the cause of pain in the side of the knee a line of tenderness is usually present from the outer joint line of the knee up the side of the thigh. The tenderness is usually most intense over the upper bump on the outside of the knee (lateral femoral condyle). In IT band syndrome is is usually painful to bend the knee up to 30 degrees.
IT band syndrome is often very effectively treated by Chiropractic techniques including myofascial release technique. Stretching and ice are also helpful in IT band syndrome.
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