Herniated discs and positions that aggrevate the disc: Chiropractic

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions treated by Chiropractors. Disc problems in the lower back are quite common and it is estimated that a third of all persons have some kind of irregularities in the discs of the lumbar spine. Typically, disc herniations are preceeded by several episodes of lower back pain that resolve without causing sciatica. When sciatica accompanies lower back pain a disc herniation is often the cause. Position is a factor in increasing or decreasing pain associated with a lumbar disc problem. The most irritating motions involve any type of weight bearing (standing), walking, and sometimes sitting. Resting in bed is generally helpful. Disc pain can also be aggravated by coughing or sneezing. Physical activity generally aggravates pain from a disc herniation. This is often a complicating factor in managing lower back pain. Activity tends to increase a persons threshold for pain and inactivity lowers the threshold for pain. In managing lower back pain mild physical activity is recommended up to the point of aggravating pain. Pelvic tilt exercises performed on a gym ball are often quite helpful and can strengthen the abdominals.
Often a position in which the person is slightly bend forward reduces pain in persons suffering from lumbar disc problems.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice serves Olathe, Kansas and surrounding areas including Lenexa, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas. Dr. Etter is an approved Chiropractor for the following insurances: Medicare, Blue Cross,Aetna, Cigna, and others.

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