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Disc herniations are estimated to be involved in just under half of cases of lower back pain treated by Chiropractors. The pain caused by a herniated disc (slipped disc) varies widely in located and intensity. Sciatica is a common symptom of disc herniation. Sciatica may begin suddenly and radiate all the way to the foot. On the other hand, sciatica may come on slowly and be felt as an ache on one side of the buttocks that speads gradually down the leg. Some sciatica sufferers may have pain down the back on the thigh only or the pain may extend as far as the sole of the foot or the smallest three toes. In some cases the pain of sciatica can begin in the foot or calf and move upwards towards the buttocks and back. Sciatica is a varied condition but if the sciatica is related to a disc herniation it is due to pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine (often referred to as a pinched nerve in layman’s terms).
Often back pain and sciatica may occur at the same time with a disc bulge. In severe cases the pain of a disc problem may limit almost any movement and cause a person to draw their knees to the chest to try to get relief.
In acute disc herniations the most effected motions are bending forward and leaning back. Side bending and twisting are generally less affected. Acute disc herniations are known to cause a complete loss of flexibility of the back and the person generally avoids all motion of the back. Disc problems may also produce and antalgic posture which is the body’s attempt to hold itself in a position to minimize the pressure on nerve roots. Often the person will try to avoid straightening of the legs if the pain is bad enough.
The Chiropractic technique most targeted towards disc herniation is lumbar flexion distraction. In this technique the spine is tractioned to remove pressure from the disc. The pelvic tilt exercise is also highly recommended as it is similar to lumbar flexion distraction technique.
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