Whiplash symptoms and Chiropractic care

Whiplash often presents with a confusing array of symptoms. Such symptoms as headaches, arm pain, weakness and Carpal tunnel syndrome are not uncommon. Chiropractors are among the leading providers treating whiplash in the United States.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is often not considered a prime symptom of whiplash but may be a complication in some people. One possible explaination of the link between carpal tunnel and whiplash is that the wrist and forearm may be injured or overstretched during the impact. Chronic overuse of the hands in occupational or sports is the most common cause of carpal tunnel. Often a whiplash injury may irritate the nerves to the hand (median nerves) in what is referred to as a double crush injury. Double crush refers to whiplash injury to nerves already impinged by carpal tunnel. Another fact to remember is that the leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is fluid retention. Whether fluid retention due to whiplash trauma is a factor in carpal tunnel is unclear.
Injury to the discs of the neck is a more severe injury associated with whiplash. One common symptom of disc injury is pain that radiates down the arm. In whiplash this symptom is often confusing since referred pain from damaged muscles and ligaments in the neck may also radiate pain down the arm. In some persons who have had a disc injury in the neck as a result of whiplash the only symptom is headaches. In others there may be pain and sensitivity to pressure over the joints and muscles of the neck which may be severe or relatively mild. Most headaches of this type tend to be in the base of the neck and head. Other confusing pains from whiplash can be felt in the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. The joints of the neck (called facet joints) are often the culprit in neck pain. It is also known that the joints of the upper neck are associated with headaches. Chiropractic adjustments are especially effective in addressing joint associated aspects of neck pain and headaches from whiplash.
Dr. Tom Etter is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and has over ten years of experience as a Chiropractor treating back pain,neck pain and whiplash. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice serves Olathe, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas and the surrounding areas.

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