Patterns of sciatica in lower back pain and Chiropractic

Sciatica is the term for pain that radiates down the back of the leg. Sciatic pain is often made worse by coughing or sneezing which increases the pressure inside the abdomen. A severe attack of sciatica often causes the person to walk with the knees bent and a forward bend at the hip. Some persons with sciatica pain, however, do not show any outward signs of altered gait and are able to walk normally. Some sciatica sufferers do not experience back pain or muscle spasm in the back and may have free motion of the back.
The sudden onset of sciatica usually happens when a herniated disc causes pressure on the nerve roots. It is generally though that the distance the pain travels along the course of the nerve is proportional to the amount of impingement on the nerve root (more severe herniations cause a larger distribution of pain).
In some cases severe sciatica may suddenly disappear but the person may be left with numbness and weakness in the leg. The sudden disappearance of sciatic pain does not mean the the disc is no longer impinging on the nerve.
Any pattern of sciatic pain may be initiated by irritation of a sensitive nerve root and does not mean the disc has a herniation. In some cases slight bulging of the disc may be enough to cause sciatica.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience treating back pain, sciatica, neck pain and sports injuries. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice serves Olathe, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas, and Overland Park, Kansas.

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