Back Injuries-The SI joint and Chiropractic

The S-I or sacro-iliac joint is the joint of the tail bone (or sacrum) and the hip bones (or ilium). There are two S-I joints and they are about 3-4 inches long and located just below the beltline. The S-I joints are a common cause of lower back pain and it is estimated they are a factor in about 40% of cases of lower back pain treated by Chiropractors.
The S-I joints are very strong joints with limited movement. They transmit the weight of the spine and upper body into the pelvis. In the event of injury to the S-I joints there will be pain localized to the area of the S-I joint as well as pain that may be referred into the groin, hamstrings or back of the thigh. Generally the pain from an S-I problem does not extend below the knee which is a factor that differentiates this type of pain from disc pain (which may extend below the knee).
Lifting, bending and back bending may be motions that may overstress the S-I joint. One common scenario is straightening up from a stooped position and experiencing immediate pain over the joints. Some of the factors that may predispose someone to an S-I injury are pregnancy, prolonged bending and sitting, or degenerative arthritis.
Some theories on the cause of S-I sprains focus on an imbalance of strength between the hip flexors and hamstrings. Tight hamstrings are a common finding in persons with S-I joint problems.
In S-I subluxation the surfaces of the joints slip and become locked in an abnormal fashion. The purpose of the Chiropractic adjustment is to unlock the joints and return the joint to a normal alignment and retore normal movement of the joint.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor. Etter Chiropractic serves Olathe, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas, and Overland Park, Kansas. Dr. Etter’s Chiropractic practice focus is back pain, neck pain and sports injuries.

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