The Motion of the Sacro-iliac Joints and Chiropractic

The sacro-iliac joints transmit the weight of the spine and upper body into the pelvis and legs. It is estimated that the sacro-iliac joints are involved in about 40% of cases of back pain treated by Chiropractors.
When a person feels their own lower back it often seems that no motion can occur in the sacro-iliac joints. While it is true that the motion of the sacro-iliac joints is small in comparison to other joints the motion is definite. In males the motion is generally less than females. The motions increase when doing such activities as jumping from a height. Any activity that causes intense loading of the legs in a standing position is stessful on the sacro-iliac joints and should be avoided by those recovering from an episode of lower back pain involving the sacro-iliac joints.
Pregnant women also have increased motion at the sacro-iliac joints due to hormonal influences. The hormonal increase in motion of the sacro-iliac joints is said to increase the most during the last three months of pregnancy and subside about three months post pregnancy.
In Chiropractic testing of the sacro-iliac joints one of the key symptoms that determine if lower back pain is due to the sacro-iliac joints is pressing on the front of the hips while lying on the back. This motion is known as the Gapping test and is known to be able to differentiate lower back pain from such causes as a disc herniation and pain from the sacro-iliac joints. Pain may be present in the joints are tested even after a persons back is largely pain free.
Problems with the sacro-iliac joints are hard to visualize on x rays due to the ligaments inside the joint and the angle of the joint. Therefore, x rays are usually of limited importance in Chiropractic evaluation of back pain caused by the sacro-iliac joints.
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