Sports injury to the Sacro-iliac joint

Injury to sprain to the sacro-iliac joint is common in some sports. Sacro-iliac joint problems is one of the most common injuries to the lower back that is regularly treated with Chiropractic methods. One of the most common ways the joint is injured is by landing forcefully on one or both legs. Since the joints transmit the weight of the upper body into the legs the motion of landing forcefully on the feet is a common way of spraining the sacro-iliac joints. Usually a sprain of the sacro-iliac joint is felt on one side of the back and can radiate into the hip or buttocks area. The pain is made worse by movement and loading the joint by lifting or going up stairs. The joint is usually tender at an area just below the beltline. In sacro-iliac joint sprains it is usually more painful to bend backwards than forward. Usually the pain from a sacro-iliac joint sprain will be dull and may radiate into the groin area, the back of the thigh, the knee or abdomen.
X rays are often of limited usefulness in Chiropractic evaluation of the sacro-iliac joint due to the angle of the joint and the presence of ligaments within the joint.
Some motions that are able to cause sprains to the sacro-iliac joints also include bending motions. Lifting and hyperextending the spine is one possible mechanism of spraining the joints.
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