Lower back pain, hip pain and Chiropractic

Many people who consult a Chiropractor for lower back pain are concerned with painful and tender points in the lower back and hip region. The discs are not able to be felt bulging out under the skin and tender nodules are in no way related to the disc. The tender nodules in some cases are fat nodules. These nodules are very common in the lower back and may cause an aching sensation that radiates into the buttock when pressed on. It is important to note that not all tender nodules in the lower back are fat nodules. Many painful areas can be related to pain from irritated nerve roots as in the case of a herniated disc. Pain directly over the sacro-iliac joints (SI joints) is a common as well. The SI joints are located just below the belt line and are able to refer pain into the buttocks or thigh. The SI joints usually do not cause pain below the knee which helps differentiate SI pain from the pain caused by a disc condition.
Pain lower in the buttocks may also indicate a problem with the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is able to impinge the sciatic nerve and directly cause sciatica. Piriformis syndrome usually presents gradually and may cause a dull ache over the side of the buttocks.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience treating back pain, neck pain, and sports injury. Etter Chiropractic serves Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park, Kansas and the surrounding area.

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